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In my sculpture field at the moment, there is a gas cylinder that was enhanced by my painting so much so that a bit shabby and grey object became an explosion of life and a mirror created with the technique of glass mosaic. Above all, there are also the famous “Omini Artistici” that painters usually use as models...

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Dark Side

Each one of us has a darker side and I believe that an artist, in order to be genuine, must also let this courageously emerge. In my case the darker side is to reveal the deepest inner fears, to exorcise them and therefore overcome them or in other cases, simply the pure pleasure for Dark, the pleasure to portray those Gothic...

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Abstracts derive in some cases from a real natural or metropolitan element bringing about an extreme descriptive minimalism and in other cases, they are complete expressions of emotions and expressions...

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Just as much as I feel the need to be in contact with nature, every now and then I also feel the need to get into the “metropolitan jungle”. I love the strong contrasts as well as the dark greys, dark metropolitan colours, although just like in the woods with their  lime green scrub, they can suddenly project vivid colours,...

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Contact with nature has always been all-important to me. Probably due to the rural origins of my maternal grandparents but also the strong passion my parents had for horse riding; it’s thanks to them I grew up horse riding in the woods! I’ve always lived in close contact with nature and still do, it always gives me so much and above...

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