Dark Side
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Dark Side

Dark Side

Each one of us has a darker side and I believe that an artist, in order to be genuine, must also let this courageously emerge.

In my case the darker side is to reveal the deepest inner fears, to exorcise them and therefore overcome them or in other cases, simply the pure pleasure for Dark, the pleasure to portray those Gothic sensations that can be extremely fascinating and very rock…

My artwork “Metamorfosi” (Metamorphosis) however, deserves a longer moment of reflection: it is the hardest and most troubled of all my artworks to date. It is the artwork I created while I was grieving for my father’s death…

Created with a dark material, mineral and vegetal together, deriving from carbon, the bitumen of Judea…

I remember the paintbrush flowed nervously and angrily on the canvas, in certain moments I know to have also scratched it with the back of the brush…

The canvas represents a human figure that can be interpreted as male or female because that’s me mingling with my father, we are together, the two of us become one… therefore it’s as if I died along with him, a part of me ending up in the darkness.

But with the other part, I also try to come out of it and return to the light. I hit rock bottom because the love I feel for him is infinite and his absence was unbearable, luckily he taught me that you have to pick yourself up and fight and that there’s always a why even though we don’t see it and death must be accepted as it’s part of life and life is perfect just as it is because who created it, knew exactly what he was doing 

Therefore “Metamorfosi” (Metamorphosis) is a canvas that tells of the changes from woman to man and vice versa, from darkness to light, an artwork where there’s lots of suffering but in the end, there is also victory, the rebirth to a new awareness and serene acceptance.